The world mocked when Bible studiers warned of a weapon that could destroy a third of the earth. Years later, the atomic bomb was made and introduced with devastating consequences. We now have nuclear weapons capable of wiping out masses of land and people.

The world is not laughing anymore.
The world laughed at the non fiction story of Adam and Eve and creation and preferred to believe that we evolved by a big bang and from monkeys. Now many credible scientists and archaeologists have a strong doubt on the whole subject of evolution.
The world is not laughing anymore.

The story of Noah and the ark was said to be a hoax until the ark was found within the last century, where the Bible said it landed. The world is not laughing anymore.

The world laughed at the possibility of a one world government in the days we live in. Now it looks more possible than ever before.
Even certain politicians are afraid of one thing, who will rule? The world is not laughing anymore.The world told us that it was impossible for Edom to have existed in the days that the Bible places it. It would have been much later.
Recently archaeologists found that it was true according to the Bible and they call it a revolution. The world is not laughing anymore. It seems the world is way behind the Bible, playing a catch up game.
There is one more I need to say and if you catch this one too late, it will be too late for you.

The world mocks because we preach about Jesus coming back very soon[/intro] (by the way, no one knows the day).
He is coming back and his presence will be in the sky, where he will take away from this earth, every human that has given their life to him, repented and has been baptised in Jesus name and of the Holy Spirit (John 3:5). He is not coming back for those who only call themselves Christians but those who live the life of a Christian according to what is written in the Bible.

The Bible prophesied Israel’s return to their land after many years of it being unoccupied. It happened in 1948 after one of the worst wars (WW2), when Israel regained their independence.
It prophesied of Israel being hated and spoken against and you can hear just that. Be careful next time when you speak against Israel, because some (not all) of them are God’s people that He will redeem. Understand the full story before you make rash judgements about Israel. By the way I am not a blood Israelite.

Some people may tell you the Bible is not the work of any God but of man. Some people may tell you that it contradicts itself. Some may tell you it has been fabricated.
Well, why don’t you come and find out for yourself and get the real picture instead of relying on other people. We certainly know that whenever something good and righteous is produced, someone or something will always try to counterfeit it in an evil manner or manipulate for their own liking. The Bible tells us that wherever good is, evil is present. This is evident in our daily living.

The AV1611 Bible as we know it today is true and genuine. It prophesied Hitler’s tyranny and the valley of the dry bones (the Jewish Holocaust) and IT HAS COME TO PASS.
It prophesied the downfall of many nations, some never to be built back again (including the old ruins of Babylon) and IT HAS COME TO PASS.

A few more prophesies to bear in mind that are yet to happen. And please, be careful how you laugh.

1.It prophesied the coming of a clever, cunning, shrewd and extremely evil dictator, who will rule the world. It sounds ridiculous, until you see how Europe is joining and becoming one.
2.You already don’t trust your politicians and commissioners and presidents, so why do you think that one day the present world is going to get better? It isn’t. I hate to sound gloomy but there are more calamities to come and more suffering.
3.It prophesied the downfall of the world and a setting up of the kingdom of Jesus (Daniel 2: 44-45).Yes, there will one day be no present world as it stands, but another to come (Luke 18:30).
4.The Bible prophesied of a nation being able to easily mount 200, 000 000 soldiers for the Battle of Armageddon at the last day, where blood will reach the horses bridles (Revelation 9:15-17 & 14:20).
5.It prophesied of a weapon that could consume your eyes into your sockets whilst you’re still standing (Zechariah 14:12). This sounds like the power of a nuclear blast.
6.The Bible metaphorically and directly prophesied about the September 11th catastrophe, Tsunami and many more calamities.
7.It prophesies in Revelation 17 about a woman on a scarlet coloured beast representing Europe and today on the Ecu bill we see just that.

The Bible also prophesies about the rule of the antichrist, which we are now seeing the hallmarks of in Europe. 10 kings or presidents or governments (the Bible calls them beasts, see Revelation 17) will surrender their kingship to the antichrist and he will rule. It is a certainty.
The Bible tells us that in the last days (the days or years we currently live) there will be many earthquakes, wars, rumours of wars, famines and pestilences (Matthew 24). We are currently witnessing this.

You see, this world is doomed and is going nowhere. Only through Jesus can you have life and escape the doom and judgement of this world.
The Bible also warned that many false prophets and teachers will arise and deceive many, so don’t believe everyone is telling you the truth. Mark those who speak from the AV1611 (authorised) Bible and live the life. Those are the true Prophets and teachers.

It doesn’t have to be bad news for you. Jesus loves you; yes you.  No matter what you have done in the past, no matter how bad or evil you’ve been (Isaiah 1:18). You see, Jesus’ love is way beyond human understanding (Isaiah 55:8-9). That is why humans find it hard to believe that a terrible person in the past can be saved.
The truth is that is true, and not only for the bad; even if you consider yourself clean and good, you still need Jesus, because you have to admit that it is him that gives life and takes it and nothing good is of you but God (James 1:17 and Rom 3:23).

If you do not acknowledge this and turn to Jesus, you admit self righteousness; that you are the sole keeper of your own life and that there is no God.  The Bible tells us that only a fool says in his heart that there is no God (Psalm 53:1).

You can accept the Lord today and escape these calamities when the Lord Jesus Christ comes to take the true believers away from the evil to come. You too can meet Jesus and live peacefully for the rest of your life, as a spirit, not flesh.

Call the number below and see how you can give your life to Jesus and attend Church so that you can learn more and keep your focus on that coming day. It’s time to really live life and enjoy it in Jesus. Know the true meaning of life.
The Bible tells us that only a few will make it to heaven (a few could mean 1,000 000 out of billions). See Matthew 7:13-14. Make sure that you are one of those few.
Satan has robbed you for too many years. He wants you to go to the lake of fire, meant for him. God wants to spare you from this place.
Whatever you are struggling with and need to speak about; drugs, sex, money, death, heaven, hell, prostitution, homosexuality, alcoholism, it isn’t too hard for Jesus to deal with and he can fix it for you. Some of us have been through similar things and have conquered it through Jesus Christ.

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