In today’s society there are many reasons for needing prayer whether to deal with a broken home or spirit, bullying at school, work or home, for healing or deliverance, the list is endless.


We at Vessels of Treasure Fellowship take praying very seriously.

Talking to God and taking the authority over things burdening people’s lives is a number on priority for us.

We believe by being active in prayer, we are delivering people up to God’s safe hands, away from the devil’s grasp.
Therefore we believe that we are fighting a spiritual warfare, tugging, in the spirit, until we have the victory.


We believe that without prayer, there is no progression. The devil gets time to influence and destroy a city and then evil prospers in the land. Praying is Vessel of Treasure Fellowship’s fight against the causes of crime, depravity, corruption, poverty and sickness.


Vessels of Treasure Fellowship have seen the results of prayers, bringing backslidden souls back to Christ, winning souls who seem like they cannot be won, destroying the chains and yokes of Satan over people’s lives and growth in the church in different departments , to the glory of God.

You are welcome to send your prayer request to us: