We greet you in the mighty name of Jesus and believe that your life will be exciting, joyful and indeed rewarding, as Jesus will transform you day by day, by the renewing of your mind.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ with a passion and believe that you will be mightily blessed and encouraged in your Christian walk with Jesus.


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What is Church all about?

The Greek word for church is Ekklesia (a called out people). Jesus called us out from this world (the worldly system) to be His people. He separated us (the church) from the world (darkness) to live in him and for him (his marvellous light- see 1 Pet 2:9-10) and gave…

Why go to Church?

Many people ask this question. There are so many false churches out there. Yet many churches were called to teach. Sadly some have made light of the seriousness of keeping to the word of God.Because of this, many churches today lack power and I’m not talking of…

Why should I go to Church?

Do you have issues in your life which are causing you unhappiness and worry?Do you experience a feeling of emptiness in your life? Are you disillusioned, depressed, fearful or anxious about things going on in the world? Does your life seem meaningless?Is there a gap…


Tithing is commanded by God God has promised us that the bringing in of tithes will bring increase. He challenges those who believe to try him out, so that he can open the windows of heaven, from where blessings can pour out in abundance. Bring ye all the tithes into…


How must Baptism be conducted? Full Immersion is necessary The word baptism comes from the Greek word “baptisma” or “baptizo”, which means to fully immerse or dip in. This suggests that when baptism is conducted, one must be fully immersed into water. Jesus’…


Faith How do we acquire faith Faith is initiated and increased by hearing the word of God; Romans 10:17, which leads to one obeying the word of God. Without obedience to God, your faith becomes vain. Faith must be backed up by works We must back up our faith with…


What is salvation? Salvation is the remedy from God to save us from sin, which leads to death. Because God loves us so much and wants us to dwell with him forever, he has made a way for us to be freed from the bondage of sin, so that we can inherit the gift of eternal…

You Must Read…

The world mocked when Bible studiers warned of a weapon that could destroy a third of the earth. Years later, the atomic bomb was made and introduced with devastating consequences. We now have nuclear weapons capable of wiping out masses of land and people. The world…