What do we have to offer?

A list of some of the support services we provide

1. Baptisms
2. Deliverance
3. Prayer and Counselling
4. Free Bible and New Converts Pack
5. One to one Bible Study
6. Spiritual Enhancement and Sample Packs
7. Communion Service
8. Multi Media Centre (MMC)- For all your books, audio and visual resources
9. Youth Service, Counselling and Summer Workshops
10. Biblical Marriage Counselling
11. Sunday School
12. Evangelism
13. Living Praise Gospel Concert
14. Spiritual Life Plan Growth Chart- a Study from babe to maturity in Christ
15. YouTube Sermons and Videos

1. Career Choices
2. Financial Advice (Cash Flow)
3. Music Support music skills Including t Sequencing and Production
4. Advice on Home Education
5. Friendly Environment
6. Videography
7. Life Skills
8. Basic I.T. support
9. Transportation Service to / from Church
10. Support given to those in need. Including use of Wheelchair
11. New Converts support

1. Mentoring (Men / Women / Youth / Children)
2. Fitness Classes
3. Prison Ministries
4. Vessels of Treasure Entertainment (VOTE) – Independent Record Label
VOTE has released an album entitled ‘Physical Pain Spiritual Gain’ For more information speak to a MMC staff member
or visit www.physicalpainspiritualgain.com
5. Baby Blessings / Dedications
6. Marriages Blessings
7. Funerals – (Conducting of Services)
8. Vocal Training CD